4 Unique Custom Built Kitchen Features That Give Your Kitchen the Wow Factor

For some, the kitchen is an area where family comes together to bake holiday treats like the family pie recipe. For others, this space is a private sanctuary where they can have a glass of wine and make their favorite meal. No matter how you see your kitchen, it’s primary purpose is to provide a comfortable space to make nourishing meals. However, much like other parts of your home, this functional area also has a lot of design potential for you to add a bit of your own style and personality.

Below are four unique kitchen features that you might consider incorporating into your own kitchen design to give it that wow factor:

A space for your smart devices.

More and more luxury home owners are incorporating smart spaces into their kitchen design. These designated spaces for smart devices provide a place for hidden storage and charging stations so that devices are ready to go when you are. These spaces can be placed in drawers or cabinets to blend in with the general design style.

Including smart spaces in your kitchen design is all about making your life more convenient. You might also consider a tablet station where you can use your tablet or iPad hands-free while in the kitchen. This is useful for looking up recipes or how-to videos online or just watching the news or an episode of your favorite television show while you cook or bake.

Cabinetry that’s well-lit.

One unique way that you can add light to your kitchen is by installing cabinetry lighting. Ceiling lights can sometimes be too bright or not fit in with the overall aesthetic that you are trying to go for. While table lamps take up valuable kitchen space and disrupt the flow of your kitchen. Cabinetry lighting can be tailored to your kitchen space and cabinet design style to provide a attractive lighting options in the kitchen.

Low-voltage light strips can be used as accent pieces and installed below or above cabinetry. This can create a clean yet modern look while brightening up your kitchen. LED lights are another popular option for cabinetry lighting as they conserve energy and cut down on excessive heat. You can also install lights inside cabinets to enhance visibility.

Steam ovens or double ovens.

In many of the high end homes that we build, we’ve seen increasing popularity in the convention steam oven, which offers more versatile cooking options for the homeowner, using steam and convection. These higher end appliances can bake bread, roast prime rib and even reheat leftovers. This oven is truly the most versatile device in the kitchen.

If you do a lot of cooking or baking then double ovens are a must-have in the kitchen. Not only does the double oven add an interesting aesthetic to your kitchen space, but it also makes the baking process much more convenient. The double oven provides a main oven that you can use without having to bend over when you put things in or take them out. The secondary oven can be used for additional baking or even plate warming.

A coffee bar.

A coffee bar is a great way for coffee lovers to create a special space for their morning or afternoon brew. You may choose to designate one area of the kitchen for your coffee bar or include an area completely separate from the main kitchen to house this special space. Either way, you are creating a functional space that is out of the way of the main cooking area.

What you include in your coffee bar will depend on how you like your brew. You can incorporate an espresso machine or a cold brew system as well as any special tools like a coffee grinder. You may also want to include a small refrigerator below the countertop for storing condiments as well as a cupboard for mugs, tra vel thermoses, and special coffeeware.


(Photo above shows a Steam Oven (top) Coffee Machine (Middle) Microwave (Bottom)